Intrum's Next Generation Program & MSc in Business Economics with Analytics

Once upon a time Alexander Graham Bell said that: "The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action", and at the MSc in Business Economics with Analytics we take great pride in helping our students achieve this.

In collaboration with Intrum, the MSc in Business Economics with Analytics enables its graduates to lay solid foundations for their professional careers. We are excited that Ioanna Boziori was selected for Intrum 's NextGenerationProgram. We wish her an exciting NGP experience and every success with her career plans.

See below a comment from Ioanna Boziori:

“Graduating from the MSc in Business Economics with Analytics I am thrilled to start my professional career with Intrum 's NextGenerationProgram. NGP will put my personal and analytical skills to work and enable me to gain perspective of the business and unlock my full potential. It will also be a great opportunity to build an international network and take responsibility for my own development. I am looking forward to this exciting year. Thank you Intrum for the "ticket" to this journey and special thanks to my professors at MSc in Business Economics with Analytics for the invaluable analytical skills and guidance." #intrumers #aueb #career #NextGenerationProgram #intrum