Research Labs

The Laboratory for International Shipping, Finance and Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business (ISFM Lab) (2 Troias Str., 2nd floor, room 207)

The mission of the ISFM LAB is to:

  • Conduct forefront research on topics related to: Shipping markets (freight, newbuilding, sale and purchase, demolition, bunker, energy and other markets); Maritime and Port Economics; Shipping Freight Derivatives and Risk Management; Investments and Financial Management; Alternative Sources of Ship Financing; Shipbuilding Finance; Debt Financing; Public and Private Equity markets; Structured Finance; Maritime investment appraisal and budgeting; Financial analysis and modelling of Shipping Investments; Corporate Governance and other topics related to Finance and Management in Shipping and other sectors of the economy;
  • Enhance collaboration with other Research Centres and Academic Institutions worldwide, within a frame of solidarity and mutual trust, with similar or complementary scientific objectives;
  • Collaborate with various public and private organisations, to address potential challenges in related fields;
  • Develop educational, research-based and other similar activities in accordance with the general principles and Research Code of the University;
  • Organize and host conferences, seminars, talks, etc., and publicise the scientific results produced.
  • Undertake projects and consultancy work related to shipping, finance or management.
  • The ISFM Lab supports courses and academic programs of the Athens University of Economics and Business, such as the affiliated MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management, aiming to facilitate and enhance the research conducted by faculty and students.

Doctoral research is also supported, as well as applied research projects funded by international or national organizations and private companies, while collaboration with national and international research partners is highly sought out.

Research conducted by members of the ISFM Lab is published in high quality international scientific journals and presented in international conferences, while more applied work conducted supports the industry providing solutions to challenges faced in the modern economic environment of the 21st century.

The ISFM Lab is located on the new state-of-the-art premises of the Athens University of Economics and Business, inaugurated in May 2017 by the President of the Hellenic Republic. It is equipped with thirty (30) workstations of the latest technology and software of the latest versions, such as Matlab R2018a, STATA/IC 15, EViews 10, SPSS Ver.25 and Microsoft Office 2016.

Access to the following databases is possible through the Lab: Bloomberg, Eicon by Thomson Reuters, Clarksons SIN, Lloyds List and The Baltic Exchange, among others.

Educational seminars and workshops on the use of software and databases are also scheduled on a regular basis.


The Laboratory for Applied Finance (1st floor,47A Evelpidon building, room 108)

The aim of the Laboratory is to develop advanced – theoretical and applied – research in finance and to employ this research not only in teaching but also in the process of problem solving for companies and organizations in the modern economic environment. The Laboratory offers 24 work stations and is equipped with specialized computer software and databases, designed to assist research and teaching at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. More specifically, the Laboratory is equipped with the following software: SPSS, WinRATS, Matlab, OxMetrics, Limdep, Stata SE, Pertrac Analytical Platform, Perfect Analysis and DataStream Advance, Thomson1, Bloomberg, Clarkson, Compustat, DealScan. The research interests of the Laboratory include: investment evaluation and investment portfolios, security valuation, market microstructure, risk management models, corporate finance, financial derivatives, banking, and more specialised fields such as real estate finance and shipping finance.


The Laboratory of Accounting Applications (3rd floor, Antoniadou wing, main building)

The Laboratory of Accounting Applications develops academic thinking and research in the areas of Accounting and Accounting Information Systems. The applied research and study of Accounting Information Systems is considered pioneering, since it is the first time the interdisciplinary synthesis of Accounting and Information Systems is taking place. Modern software is available, such as Modern Accounting 2000, EVal, EViews, WinRats, Limdep, Gauss, and Stata, and access to several databases such as DataStream Advance, Compustat,  ICAP Data, Perfect Analysis, International Accounting Standards, and the Stock Exchange Database from the Athens Stock Exchange. Furthermore, important research work takes place in the Laboratory, which has been presented at international conferences and published in international journals. Finally, the Accounting Laboratory has developed a series of integrated information systems which support accounting processes for a number of private and public institutions.


Computer Centre (3rd floor, Derigni wing, main building)

The Computer Centre serves more than 7,000 users and its research and teaching facilities include five computer labs (classrooms) equipped with a total of 237. For the printing needs of students the Computer Centre is equipped with high speed printers DATA-PRODUCTS and Laser printers. There is access to the network, including email services, 24 hours a day.