Analysis and Planning of Distribution and Transportation Systems

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Specialization Courses

Course Description

This course deals with the analysis and planning of transport and distribution systems. The course consists of two parts. The first part is focused on the major operational features of transport systems, the relevant institutional environment, and methods for forecasting transport demand. The second part provides operational and tactical planning problems arising in designing and managing freight transport and distribution systems.

After completing the course the students will be able to:

  • understand the structure, the operations and the broader Political, Economic, Ecological, Societal, and Technological environment of the transportation system,
  • develop and apply transport demand forecasting models,
  • understand the characteristics of major decision making problems for transportation and distribution systems,
  • develop and solve mathematical models for optimizing transportation and distribution decisions,
  • understand the role and capabilities of advanced technologies, and will be able to assess the impacts of advanced technologies on the management of freight transportation systems.

The course includes the following sections:

  • Transportation Systems Analysis: Transportation systems structure, operations, and the political, ecological, economical, social, and technological environment, characteristics of transport demand and supply, performance measures of transportation system and externalities (energy, environment, safety).
  • Transport Demand Forecasting: categorization of transport demand forecasting methods, development and application of transport demand forecasting models, cases of transport demand forecasting applications.
  • Transportation and Distribution Systems Planning: Introduction to Transport and Distribution Systems planning decisions, classification of mathematical models and algorithms for addressing transport and distribution planning and facility location decisions, case studies addressing real-world transportation, distribution and location problems.
  • Telematics and Geographical Information Systems Applications in Freight Transportation problems.