Books and Edited Volumes

The book of Professor Gregory Prastacos, Associate Professor Klas Eric Soderquist and Professor Fuming Wang entitled "Leadership through the Classics"was released by Springer Publishing. In this unique collective volume numerous research projects related to the management and leadership are collected and embody the wisdom of ancient philosophy, focusing on Aristotle and Confucius. The articles of this volume originally presented at the international conference on "Leadership and Management in a Changing World: Lessons from Ancient East and West Philosophy" which  was held in Athens in June 2011 and co-hosted by Hanban, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

The book of Professor G. Giaglis titled «Principles of computer operation programming», Publications AUEB ΑΕ, 2012 was released (ISBN 978-960-9443-09-8). Book aims to provide a complete and comprehensive manual introduction to the world of IT and computers. The book is addressed both to students (computer or other sciences) who wish to cover all the basic introductory knowledge of computer science and computer programming as well as anyone else who is interested in computer science and wants to acquire a comprehensive background on which to allow then build additional knowledge on the objects that compose the world of information technology (databases, software engineering, information systems, computer networks and many others). The book is accompanied by material available in Internet (

The book of Emeritus Professor P. Miliotis and Assistant Professor Ι. Mourtos titled «Discrete Optimization», Publications AUEB ΑΕ, 2012 (ISBN 978-960-9443-13-5) was released. Central theme of discrete (or, otherwise, combinatorial) optimization is the flow theory in networks. The flow theory in networks has become one of the most successful branches of Applied Mathematics and Operations Research, while it shows strong connections with the computational complexity theory and the data structures theory. It was Created by a wide range of practical applications which hitherto continuously proliferate. To solve these practical problems an autonomous mathematical theory was developed which derived from the properties of mathematical structures used to simulate the real problems [...]

The book of Associate Professor I. Nikolaou and M. Vacola titled "Organizational Behavior and Psychology", Publications Rosili, 2011 (ISBN 978-960-89407-4-1) was released. This is the first book of its kind in Greek literature that addresses issues related to organizational / occupational psychology, addressing such issues as the role of individual differences, perception, stereotypes, leadership, etc., in the workplace. Aimed at undergraduate / postgraduate students in Business Administration, Psychology, etc., but also business executives who are interested in the role of human factor in modern organizations.

The book of Associate Professor P. Dimitratos και M. V. Jones"Resources, Efficiency and Globalization", Palgrave, Macmillan, 2010 (ISBN 978-0-230-23653-0) was released. This collective volume explores the related concepts of 'resources' of the modern enterprise, the 'efficiency' to be achieved and 'globalization' that is an inescapable reality. It contains 16 chapters that are either attempting or bibliographic studies show empirical findings from the perspective of small and medium business, large multinational company and the local subsidiary.

The book with co-author Professor D. Spinellis and Chrissoleon T. Papadopoulos, Michael E. J. O'Kelly, and Michael J. Vidalis"Analysis and Design of Discrete Part Production Lines", Springer, 2009. (ISBN: 978-0-387- 89493-5) was released. The

book «Analysis and Design of Discrete Part Production Lines» provides a comprehensive view of production systems by examining various production problems and outlining the best approaches for analyzing their performance. This can help both production engineers and researchers to quickly pinpoint production problems that have been solved and those that require further investigation. The book is accompanied by software that allows designers and consultants to investigate the performance of a certain line and optimize.

The book of  Associate Professor P. Dimitratos andι M. V. Jones, M. Fletcher, S. Young"Internationalization, Entrepreneurship & the Smaller Firm: Evidence from Around the World", Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2009 was released. This collective volume attempts a review of the current situation in the field of entrepreneurship and internationalization of SMEs. It contains 14 chapters that are either attempting or bibliographic studies present empirical evidence from relevant studies in various countries. The book attempts to link and study the concepts of internationalization and entrepreneurship in the action of modern SMEs.

The book of Asssistant Professor D. Spinellis and department's phd candidate G. Gousios"Beautiful Architecture: Leading Thinkers Reveal the Hidden Beauty in Software Design", O'Reilly 2009, ISBN: 978-0596517984 was released. In this book, academics from institutions such as Cambridge, CMU-SEI, ETH, MIT, Manchester, and Oxford, and companies such as Avaya, Facebook, IBM and Sun present case studies of software architectures that are considered aesthetically complete. At the end of February 2009 the book was first in the category of Software Architecture in e-bookstore Revenues from royalties of his book available to the international independent medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

The book by Panos E. Kourouthanassis and Assistant Professor George M. Giaglis,"Pervasive Information Systems (Advances in Management Information Systems)", M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 2008, ISBN: 0765616890 was released. Today's ubiquitous computing technology is imbedded in everyday objects from cars to clothes to shipping containers, whose location, context, and state can be monitored, instantly processed, and acted upon. This new volume in the "Advances in Management Information Systems" series provides an in-depth review of the state-of-the-art practices and research opportunities in a new era where information technology resides in physical space. Written for both scholars and practitioners, "Pervasive Information Systems" is organized into three sections, each investigating a distinct part of the subject. Part I focuses on the design challenges of Pervasive Information Systems (PS), and discusses issues relating to the coordination of PS through middleware structures as well as issues related to the efficient deployment of PS. Part II discusses the challenges and limitations of deploying pervasive technologies to support domestic, corporate, and public systems. Part III presents two emerging research fields of PS - design for aesthetics and PS evaluation.

The book by Soraya Kouadri MostefaouiZakaria Maamar and George M. Giaglis "Advances in Ubiquitous Computing: Future Paradigms and Directions", IGI Publishing, 2008, ISBN: 159904840X was released. The development and availability of new computing and communication devices, and the increased connectivity between these devices, thanks to wired and wireless networks, are enabling new opportunities for people to perform their operations anywhere and anytime. This technological expansion has developed a multitude of challenges that demand further research. Advances in Ubiquitous Computing: Future Paradigms and Directions investigates the technology foreground of ubiquitous computing, the emerging applications and services, as well as certain social issues that are vital for the successful deployment of a ubiquitous computing application, through a multi-perspective analytical lens. Providing academics and practitioners with high quality, authoritative content on such topics as device design, wireless communication, location sensing, privacy concerns, attention focus, multi-person interaction, and direct interaction, work patterns, this Premier Reference Source is a must-have addition to library collections worldwide.

Two new books Assistant Professor G. Giaglis were released. The book «Introduction to Computers», Giurdas Publishing, ISBN: 978-960-378-680-9. is an educational tool for introducing the world of IT and the rapid learning to use a PC. Aimed at those wishing to understand the basic principles of computer science, to become familiar with the architecture and functions of a modern computer system and learn to use basic programming concepts of computer programming. It contains many examples and exercises that help the reader to understand in depth issues related to Number systems and computer arithmetic, digital circuits, memory functions, the CPU and Input/Output. Contributes to the achievement of all the basic knowledge and skills for computer networks, the concepts of Software and Information Systems, the basic

concepts of Procedural Programming and importance of Informatics in our lives with all the economic, social and political implications. The book «Simulation and Applications in Management Science» (Giurdas Publishing, ISBN: 9789603878193) is aimed at students and business executives who want to learn how simulation, the development of computer models that "mimic" the way a real system operates, can be an important tool in solving problems in a variety of applications such as: supply chain problems, customer service applications, network design issues, applications services, many other administrative problems and applications such as financial services, security measures, traffic regulations, crop and animal farming, environment. The aim is to present an understandable and comprehensive way the principles for using simulation as a tool for analyzing business processes and making decisions on administrative and organizational problems.

Released by Terence C. Mills και Rafael Markellosthe third edition of the classic monograph"The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series", Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition. The book provides a thorough description of the various models which are currently used in the empirical analysis of financial markets. Covering bond markets, equities and foreign exchange, targeted at researchers and executives in the market who wish to understand the most modern analytical techniques and empirical findings in the literature. Also aimed at students who wish to conduct some research in financial markets. The book gives special weight to a wide range of nonlinear models used to analyze financial time series at high frequencies and long-term memory phenomena. Central position the book also have the processes and the unit root modeling trends and structural changes. Finally, there is a detailed discussion of issues regarding the variability.

The new collective volume was released with title  "Dynamic Fleet Management: Concepts, Systems, Algorithms and Case Studies" (ISBN:978-0-387-71721-0, Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series, Vol. 38, Εκδόσεις Springer Berlin) by V. Zeimpekis, Ch. Tarantilis, G. Giaglis and I. Minis, professor of the University of Aegean. The volume approaches research issues related to dynamic fleet management under uncertain conditions and events such as weather, traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, etc. that may occur during the execution of a route and influence its development. More specifically, the aim of the book is to approach the issue of contingency in real time in 3 axes. Initially it presents the developments in the field of fleet management, in real-time, focusing on systems that manage cases where, due to unexpected events, the original plan of a route changes dynamically based on the requirements of the given moment. Secondly, it presents a series of dynamic routing algorithms which are used for redesigning routes based on innovative methods to solve routing problems. Finally attention is paid to the practical use of these systems and algorithms with the presentation of two case studies (in a courier company and a 3PL company) to which fleet management systems in real time is applied.

The new book "Interactive Digital Television: Technologies and Applications" (ISBN: 978-1599043616, Εκδόσεις IGI, Hershey, Pensylvania) by Dr. Georgios LekakosDr. ΚKonstantinos Chorianopoulos andι Prof. Gerorgios Doukis was released. The book approaches the field of digital interactive TV via an inventory of developments in three key levels that determine developments in the field: technology, applications / services to the end user and the business environment of digital television. At the technological level it analyzes current developments on interoperability and standardization issues in the light of the convergence of digital media, graphics technology for digital TV and digital transmission protocols (audiovisual) content online. At the second level of analysis, the context of development of innovative applications that support the television experience is presented. Special reference is made to the design of interactive applications on television environment with emphasis on usability, which has become a top criterion for acceptance digital TV systems. At the third level the business environment and the market of digital interactive television through the presentation of quantitative and qualitative data illustrating the attitudes and preferences of consumers is analyzed.

The international publishing house Addison-Wesley published in 2006 the book of Associate Professor of the Department Diomidis Spinellis "Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective". Foolowing the steps of the award winning book «Code Reading» the book «Code Quality» uses hundred of examples of notable open source software systems to show the quality principles of the code that every professional software engineer must know and apply. The book covers topics such as reliability, security, efficiency in time and space, portability and maintainability. With this knowledge the reader can assess the quality of existing systems, improve the quality of the code he writes and make the right management decisions on alternative implementations. The website of the book which is accessible from the homepage of the author contains among others a detailed table of contents and excerpts from the book. 
The book received in March 2007 the JOLT Software Development Productivity Award in the category of technical books. Also, in May 2007 a translation of the book in Japan was released.

The new book by Associate Prof. G. Ιoannou on «Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Systems» (ISBN: 9603516341, Ath. Stamoulis Publishing) was released. The book approaches with the most modern way Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), which form the basis of the IT infrastructure of today's companies and organizations. The book attempts a comprehensive overview of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, including issues related to operational procedures that they face, the advantages offered in business, architecture and technical characteristics, critical factors in successful implementation and the methodological approach of their selection and installation. Emphasis is given on production management, with extensive presentation of the MRP mechanism and all the relevant procedures. Based on MBS Navision, a variety of business applications and workflows is presented together with the way they are informative implemented in a specific system (screens, fields, processes, etc.). An important advantage of the book is the coverage of all aspects of ERP systems and the presentation of key business processes that applications are invited to support. The key references in the book in Greek reality, combined with knowledge of international practices, make it an integral tool for managers who are responsible for operational decisions regarding ERP systems and students who want to gain substantial knowledge about this rapidly developing area.

The new book by Assistant Prof. Aggeliki Poulimenakou (in cooperation with professor of Information Systems of the University College Dublin and the University of Muenster, Prof. Stefan Klein) on "Managing Dynamic Networks" (ISBN: 3-540-25367-x, Springer Publishing, Berlin) was released. The book approaches with the most modern way the management of dynamic organizational forms, such as the Inter-Organizational Networks. Globalization and technological developments have accelerated the development of alliances and closer cooperation between enterprises to meet the demands of the modern competitive environment. The inter-business cooperation however are fragile and often unsuccessful. Meanwhile, "traditional" forms of government seem inadequate for the effective management of inter-enterprise networks. This book discusses cutting-edge issues related to the inter-enterprise networks management supported by innovative technologies and sometimes the cooperation of business conducted through them. Also there is an extensive reference to the problems often faced by governments in inter-enterprise networking strategy, relationships and forms of cooperation, social capital, corporate identity and inter-enterprise and the use of innovative technologies that promote business cooperation. The emergence of these issues results from the analysis of a series of case studies contained in the book. Finally, the book concludes with some very useful conclusions and principles concerning the design and network administration business to which every manager should know.

The Department of Management Science & Technology of Athens University of Economics and Business with the scientific  edition of Prof. Apostolos Refenes released the volume"Quantitative Methods in Finance" (ISBN 960-402-173-7, Typothito - Georgios Dardanos Publishing) to honor the willingness of former Rector and Professor of the Department Mr. Andreas Kintis to science of Economics and Econometrics. The above hononary volume is a collection of scientific articles of  top writers in science of Economics, Econometrics and Financial Econometrics, many of which have already been published in international journals. The Honorary Volume addresses the following scientific fields: Institutions and Market Efficiency, Volatility and Option Pricing, Correlation and Risk Modeling, Modeling Stock Returns, Advances in Methodology. Among the authors are: Mark Hayford, Anastasios Malliaris, Kate Phylaktis, Manolis Kavoussanos, Gikas Manalis, Robert Merton, George Skiadopoulos, Steward Hodges, Les Clewlow, Athanasios Episkopos, Stelios Arvanitis, Antonis Demos, Rafael Markellos, Terence Mills, Vasiliki Skintzi, George Skiadopoulos, Apostolos Refenes, Stelios Bekiros, Dimitris Georgoutsos, Hassan Tehranian, Nicholaos Travlos, James Waegelein, Nikolaos Philippas, George Leledakis, Ian Davidson, George Karathanasis, Elias Tzavalis, Michael Wickens, Anatoly Kandel, Efthymios Tsionas.

On Monday April 25, the official presentation of the new book by Prof. Dimitris Bourantas "Leadership: The Road to Lasting Success" (ISBN: 960-218-406-X, Kritiki Publishing) was held. In an environment that becomes increasingly competitive, uncertain and challenging, the leadership as a function of executives of all hierarchical levels is the key to lasting success. Prof. D. Bourandas building on the fundamentals of Management Science, the most modern scientific approaches, exemplary practices of exceptional companies worldwide and extensive experience in the Greek enterprises, decodes the "DNA" of lasting success. It forms a "practical guide" on how executives can ensure the strategic aspects of sustainable competitiveness as people, cultures, strategies, structures, systems, continuous change and adaptation. It forms a "practical guide" on how executives can ensure the strategic aspects of sustainable competitiveness as people, cultures, strategies, structures, systems, continuous change and adaptation. Proposes a modern and effective leadership behavior model, analyze the leading roles, outlines specific practices and provides useful tools through which executives can achieve excellent performance exhale, winning and motivating their people. Spoke at the event: Mr. Nikos Analytis (President of the ESC), Nancy Papalexandris (Vice Rector of AUEB), Christina Damoulianou (Journalist), Mr. Nikos Sofianos (Chairman Deloitte).

The award-winning book by Associate Professor of the Department Diomidis Spinellis "Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective", published in Greek, entitled "Code Reading: the open source perpective" (Kleidarithnos Publishing 2005- ISBN 960-209-845-7). The book has already been translated from English into five other languages ​​(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Russian). The book Code Reading teaches methods and techniques for reading the program code others have written. For this purpose, over 600 examples of truly remarkable open source software systems are listed. The reader through this book will learn how to understand complex programs, assess important concepts of software development, will see how to code exploration of large systems, and acquires the ability to read different programming languages. The book is accompanied by a CD with 16 million lines of source code examples and is the first of the series "Effective Software Development Series" of the publisher Addison-Wesley. The website of the book is accessible from the homepage of the author which contains among others a detailed table of contents and excerpts from the book.

The book "Intelligent Learning Infrastructures for Knowledge Intensive Organizations: A Semantic Web Perspective" was published by the international publishing house IDEA Group Inc., 420 pages, covering the most advanced and modern topics of Knowledge Management and Learning, with a perspective of Semantic Web with co-editors Dr. Miltiadis Lytras(doctorate of the Department) and Professor Ambjorn Naeve of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Sweden. Currently preparing two other books with titles: "Open Source for Knowledge and Learning Management: Strategies beyond tools" και "Ubiquitous and Pervasive Knowledge and Learning Management: Semantics, Social Networking and New Media to their full potential".

Idea Group Publishing released in September 2003 the book "Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era", (ISBN: 1591401585) by Prof. Georgios Doukidis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Dr. Nikolaos Milonopoulos, ALBA, and Assistant Prof. Nancy Pouloudi, Athens University of Economics and Business.The book brings together the contemporary thinking on key areas of the Information Society, presenting innovative business models, case studies and related theoretical and social analyzes. The co-authors examine the broader transformation of social and political level while focusing on three main areas of change in the business environment: trust and institutional framework, innovation in business models and significant changes in work where the emphasis on knowledge, learning and networking have become the main source of creative change for businesses and new forms of organization. The book covers the following topics: social context, issues of trust in online environments and challenges for the institutional framework, an analysis of innovative business models, new forms of organization and operation of cognitive capital.

The international publishing house Edward Elgar published in June 2004 the book "Emerging Paradigms in International Entrepreneurship", (ISBN: 184376136X) by Dr. Marian Jones, University of Glasgow and Lecturer of the Department Pavlos Dimitratos.The book focuses on the key issues that exist in the school of thought among the areas of international business management and entrepreneurship. In summary these include: the development of the newly established area of international business and the impact of knowledge in modern economies, new theoretical and methodological developments in the field, international entrepreneurship and the Internet, contacts, connections and networking on international entrepreneurship, comparisons between sectors and countries in international entrepreneurship, and the emphasis on experimentation in international entrepreneurship.

The international publishing house Sprienger-Verlag published in November 2004 the book"Consumer Driven Electronic Transformation, Applying New Technologies to Enthuse Consumers and Transform the Supply Chain" (ISBN: 3-540-22611-7) by Professor Georgios Doukidis and Lecturer Adam Vrechopoulos. The book aims to highlight emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in the retail sector from the perspective of changing consumer satisfaction and business needs and behaviors, rebuild the house and inter-enterprise relations and the evolution of technological capabilities. The book emphasizes the role of consumer behavior research as the driving force building processes of the value chain. In the same context, the most recent technological breakthroughs for the enthusiasm of consumers and the transformation of the value chain are the main pillar of the book.