Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

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Specialization Courses

Course Description

The usage of data in enterprise decision making has been identified as one of the most critical element for success in our data-driven society. The objective of the course is to present the theory and the techniques used in modern data analysis systems in a business context. This includes, architectures, algorithms, tools, applications and commercial systems.

The course contents are:

  • Advanced modern database topics: query processing, transaction processing, main-memory databases, column-oriented databases. 
  • Business Intelligence: architecture, design and modelling of data warehouses, ETL, data cubes, OLAP, tools, systems. 
  • Data Mining: Architecture, the KDD process, classification, clustering, association rules, applications, systems.
  • Large-scale data management: MapReduce, Hadoop and tools, NoSQL systems. 
  • Special Topics: Text analytics, data streams, data visualization, social media analytics.