Employability Development in the Digital Age

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Professionals of various industries and organizations often talk about the gap between the education system and the workplace. Business executives report that recent graduates entering a working environment for the first time often do not know how to behave, what to expect, and how to "get through" the theory in practice. Personnel recruiters claim that they meet graduates / recent graduates who are not adequately prepared to claim a job or do not show professional behavior. Indeed, the same job seekers often say they have difficulty presenting themselves by highlighting their strengths and successfully claiming a job. Finally, perhaps the most important for entering and staying on the labor market are the trends of the digital era and the 4th Industrial Revolution, which require new knowledge and skills for both looking for and maintaining a job.

Recognizing the above needs, the "Employability Development in the Digital Age" course was designed to meet the demands of modern times and to enhance the desired skills and behaviors for entering and staying in the workplace, in other words, to develop the employability of graduates.