MA in Heritage Management


The MA in Heritage Management is an intensive, interdisciplinary postgraduate program which uniquely combines the worlds of archaeology and business and is taught in Athens at Eleusina, an area of world-class archaeological significance. It focuses on teaching the skills required for the management of heritage sites across the world and how to effectively work with archaeologists, architects, conservators, marketing and education specialists while fundraising and supervising specific projects.

The program's duration is eighteen months; 9 months for taught modules and exams (September to May) and 7 for the dissertation (May to December).

The MA in Heritage Management addresses a pragmatic need for highly educated managers of archaeological sites, with financial, managerial and administrative skills in heritage management. At present, both in Greece and abroad, archaeological sites often stay unexploited after excavation, and may even be left to decay. Graduates of this program can contribute to appropriate management and preservation of such archaeological sites, ensuring best practice and integration with the local communities. Beyond showcasing cultural heritage, heritage management can contribute to education and growth. For Greece, one of the countries with the greatest number of monuments of cultural heritage according to UNESCO, the potential impact of this program is therefore far-reaching. By exploiting cultural heritage more effectively and developing relevant know-how in culture heritage management, Greece can become one of the most important centers of excellence for the management of archaeological sites and museums worldwide.

AUEB and DMST contribute in the program subjects such as Human Resources Management, Tourism Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Finance for Cultural organizations. No other MA in the English language teaches these key areas with specific reference to the special needs of archaeology.