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Elective Courses

Course Description
Modern theories of Entrepreneurship (Marshall, Knight, Schumpeter, Shackle, Leibenstein, Kirzner, Casson, etc.). Firm and Entrepreneurship (Coase, Demsetz, Williamson, etc.). Market forms and Entrepreneurship. Incentives for Entrepreneurship and enterprise behavior (Scitovsky, Bronfebrenner, Kaiser). Entrepreneurship supply (Weber, Hagen, Shapiro, etc.). Entrepreneurship in large firms. Inventions and innovations (Usher-Schumpeter), creative imitation (Drucker), production and innovations (Machlup, Arrow, Dosi, etc.). Promotion of enterprise innovations. Enterprising opportunities and strategies. Entrepreneurship results. Enterprising networks. Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship.

Indicative Course Prerequisites: Microeconomic Theory Ι