Panos Averbach, MSc in Economics 2010, Risk Analyst at Advanzia Bank S.A. Luxembourg

After holding my BSc in Mathematics, I was searching a strong program that I could be able to progress my thinking and expand my sphere of knowledge. The MSc in Economics (specialization economic theory) program combines elements from pure mathematical theories and contexts (mathematical analysis, probability theory, differential calculus, game theory)   with the fundamentals of economics (macro –micro economics, econometrics) using the most update computational methods (MATLAB, R) for empirical and predictive analysis. Professors are of superior level working in the front line of high quality research with continuous contact with the best international universities across the U.S. and Europe. The classmates – colleagues are high qualified students coming across different backgrounds and academic environments. After the 1 year full time programme, the students will obtain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of economic thinking.  They will be well prepared for a precious academic career as well as for a strong and qualified entry in the job market. I highly recommend it!