Financial Risk Management and Investments in Maritime Transportation

Under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos

27th Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME)


An IAME2019 Special Session on

Financial Risk Management and Investments in Maritime Transportation

Session organizers:

Professor Manolis G. Kavussanos – Athens University of Economics and Business
Professor Ilias D. Visvikis – American University of Sharjah, UAE

The current maritime transportation business environment is characterized with significant variability and volatility in rates and prices, while there are several technological developments (such as, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity issues, Blockchain, and Autonomous Vessels, among others), and regulatory pressures (such as the Global Sulphur limits in 2020 and Ballast Water Treatment Convention of 2017), all affecting the financial performance and operating expenses of the market participants. In such an uncertain environment, low freight rates and vessel prices have diminished corporate profitability, while at the same time, banks have decreased the availability of maritime capital to fund investments and new projects. A new business model is emerging for the international maritime transportation industry, where market players need to evolve and learn to react quickly to change and market disruptions, while at the same time transparent corporate structures, better corporate governance and the development of new financing sources and diversification of existing capital structures are factors for successful commercial operation (for a complete survey of existing maritime transportation finance and risk management literature see Alexandridis et al. 2018).[1]

As such, the above market challenges and trends have created a plethora of unanswered scientific research questions in the area of shipping finance and risk management that inspired the proposed Special Session at the IAME 2019 conference.

During the IAME2019 conference in Athens, Greece, a Special Session will be organized on the theme of “Financial Risk Management and Investments in Maritime Transportation”, exploring all relevant topics and issues of current and future research interest. There is a wide range and current importance of topics included in the Special Session, covering several research interests of readers and scholars. More specifically, the following indicative research issues (non-exhaustive) are expected to be covered:

  • Integrated multi-model financial logistics networks

  • Financial risk management in maritime transportation

  • Use of derivatives to hedge risks in the maritime industry

  • Shipbuilding finance

  • Debt financing in shipping

  • Public debt markets for shipping

  • Public and private equity markets for shipping

  • Maritime investment appraisal

  • Financial Analysis of Ship Investments

  • Corporate Finance in Shipping

  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Shipping

  • Impact of new maritime regulations on Financial Performance

For the Special Session, both empirical (quantitative and qualitative) and theoretical original contributions are welcome, ensuring the high quality of research frameworks and strong research contributions. Cross-disciplinary papers are also welcomed, as well as papers that investigate issues in specific regions around the world.

Potential contributors are asked to submit an abstract following the regular submission schedule as published on the IAME2019 conference website:

You can opt for a full paper or extended abstract. During the uploading of the abstract kindly mention that the abstract is related to this specific special session. You are invited to concisely follow the author guidelines of IAME2019 which can be found online. It would be helpful if you could also inform the session organizers on the submitted abstract / full paper via e-mail to and

It is the intention of the Special Session organizers to edit a special issue/section on the theme in Transportation Research Part E after the IAME2019 conference. Authors of high-quality papers and extended abstracts will be invited to submit their full papers for the planned special volume. Please see relevant call under IAME2019 special volumes


[1] Alexandridis, G, Kavussanos, M.G., Kim, C.Y., Tsouknidis, D.A. and Visvikis, I.D. (2018), A Survey of Shipping Finance Research: Setting the Future Research Agenda, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Vol. 115, pp. 164-212, April.