Indicative List of Scientific Areas

Under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos

27th Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME)

June 25th – 28th, 2019
Athens University of Economics and Business

A. Corporate Social Responsibility in Maritime Industry

A1. Corporate Social Responsibility in Maritime Industry

B. Energy Resources and Maritime Industry

B1. Alternative Energy Sources in Maritime Industry

B2. Economic Aspects of Energy Efficiency in Shipping

B3. Energy Resources Management in Shipping

B4. Environmental Aspects of Energy Efficiency in Shipping

B5. Renewable Energy in Shipping

C. International Shipping Policies and Regulations

C1. Environmental Protection

C2. Legal Aspects of Shipping Policies and Regulations

C3. Shipping Regulations & Compliance Requirements

C4. Trade Policies and Regulations

D. Logistics and Supply Chain 
D1. Logistics and Supply Chain 
E. Management and Strategy in Shipping

E1. Management and Organization of Shipping Companies 

E2. Quality Management in Shipping

E3. Strategic Decisions in Shipping

F. Marine Insurance 

F1. Economic and Management  Aspects of Marine Insurance

F2. Financial  Aspects of Marine Insurance

F3. Legal Aspects of Marine Insurance

G. Human Resources in Maritime Industry

G1. Human Resource Management

G2. Legal Aspects of Human Resources in Shipping

G3. Maritime Education and Training

G4. Women in Maritime Industry

H. Maritime Law

H1.  International Conventions

H2.  Jurisdiction and Maritime Law

H3. Marine Commerce

H4. Maritime Pollution

H5. Piracy

I. Maritime Safety & Security

I1. Legal Aspects of Maritime Safety and Security

I2. Marine Accidents

I3. Maritime Surveillance

I4. Operational Aspects of Maritime Safety and Security

I5. Piracy

J. Port Economics, Policy and Management

J1. Legal Aspects of Port Economics, Policy and Management

J2. Port Choice and Competition

J3. Port Economics

J4. Port Hinterland Planning and Strategies

J5. Port Investments and Finance

J6. Port Networks and Cooperation

J7. Port Performance

J8. Port Policy and Governance

K. Shipping Economics and Policy

K1. Blue Economy and Blue Growth

K2. Economic Geography in Maritime Trade

K3. Economic Integration in Shipping

K4. Economics of Maritime Clusters

K5. International Trade and Global Developments in Maritime Trade

K6. Legal Aspects of Shipping Economics and Policy

K7. Shipping Labour Economics

K8. Strategies of Maritime Clusters

L. Shipping Investments and Finance

L1. Corporate Finance in Shipping

L2. Legal Aspects of Shipping Investments and Finance

L3. Mergers and Acquisitions in Shipping

L4. Risk Analysis and Risk Management

L5. Shipping Derivatives

L6. Shipping Finance Markets

L7. Shipping Investments

M. Shipping markets modeling and analysis

M1. Bulk Shipping

M2. Car Carrier Shipping

M3. Coastal Shipping

M4. Cruise Shipping

M5. Gas Carrier Shipping

M6. Hinterland Transport

M7. Inland Waterway Transport

M8. Intermodal Transport

M9. Liner Shipping

M10. RORO Shipping

M11. Shortsea Shipping

M12. Tanker Shipping

N. Technical Developments in Maritime Transport

N1. Maritime Innovations

N2. Technical and Operational Challenges in Maritime Technology and Innovation

N3. Trends in Marine Technology