Thanos Blintzios
Managing Director SE Europe, Middle East & Africa, McGraw-Hill Education, Graduate of the Executive MSc (Part Time) Greek Program

Though it has not been my first postgraduate diploma, I had the opportunity to be part of the first student intake of the MSc course in Marketing and Communication with New Technologies, in 1999. There are two memories that spring to mind with great clarity. At first, the truly remarkable team of course instructors, who were well educated, impeccably professional and full of passion and desire to turn the program into a success. I remember each one of them with love and respect. Secondly, the standard of my fellow class-mates. They were a truly wonderful group of individuals that brought to the course a range of highly valuable work experience from a variety of business sectors. I still remember our first meeting with Professor George Avlonitis, pointing out amongst other things, that our combined work experience exceeds 300 years! This kind of experience exchange, in combination with a finely tuned academic curriculum helped us gain invaluable knowledge as well as practical skills that proved of paramount importance for my professional development, since.