Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications

The main objective of this module is to familiarize students with the mechanisms that determine the effectiveness of advertising and integrated marketing communications (IMC). A balanced approach is adopted with a focus on both the theoretical and managerial aspects of advertising and IMC. The module emphasizes the close relationship between marketing strategy and communication strategy. In addition to advertising, a range of other MARCOM tools (e.g. sales promotion, personal sale, public relations, internet and social media advertising) are presented and their synergistic use is discussed. The process and issues surrounding the development of an IMC plan as well as the methods for assessing its effectiveness are analyzed. The challenges of advertising and IMC at an international level provide a central focus throughout the module.

Upon completion of the module, students should be able to:

  • Understand the relation between marketing goals and communication goals.
  • Understand the function of advertising and its relUnderstand the role of each MARCOM tool as a component of an integrated strategy.
  • Understand and handle the challenges of international communications.
  • Develop their own IMC plans and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Plan, execute and evaluate local and international IMC campaigns.