Alexandra Giannakopoulou,
Marketing and Communications Specialist, XEROX

Once I made the decision to attend a Master's degree in International Marketing and Communication, applying to Αthens University of Economics and Business was a one-way road for me. I was lead to this decision not only because of its well respected reputation as a faculty in Greece and internationally but also because of the quality of the courses provided by all the highly acknowledged professors that taught them. Wanting to create a new path ahead of me (given that my BSc and work experience until that point was in Psychology) I decided that learning from the best was the optimal option. Therefore, after my submission in the master's course I realized that in all aspects this degree exceeded my expectations. All subjects that I attended offered scientifically based evidence supporting the knowledge that was shared and on top of that students were encouraged to be creative and to bring their own character into assignments and presentations. What made this experience completely unique and special for me was being able to work in teams with amazing people, learn from them and create strong friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Finally, following a year from my graduation I now work in Χerox Hellas in the Marketing and Communication Department and I really could not have asked for more! All the above are the reasons that a highly recommend this Master's program to anyone who wants to study and work in the Marketing domain.