Christina Tsilivigou
IQOS Brand Communication Executive

Becoming a marketing professional has always been a dream of mine and a Master's degree in AUEB seemed like the obvious next step because of the university's reputation.

Apart from a well-recognized faculty, what gives PRIMA an edge over other Masters' programs is its international flair, providing a solid basis to build on and smoothly adapt to a multinational working environment. Through a rigorous and well-rounded academic curriculum, PRIMA has provided me and my classmates with a broad understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of marketing. Case studies and practical assignments facilitated hands-on experience, shaped our way of thinking and served as creative stimuli. Further, what I consider to be probably equally important is the emphasis given on certain values and ways of working: teamwork, task delegation and presentations are necessary for success in the program and essential business management skills needed in today's job market.

Intense, challenging and inspiring; my experience in PRIMA was definitely a rich one! Not only has it provided me with valuable academic knowledge but it has also reshaped my mindset.