Helena Fassoula
Senior Brand Manager Unilever Greece

My choice to pursue PRIMA for my postgraduate studies turned out to be rather fruitful and beneficial for various reasons. Due to the program’s international features and its innovative aspect I was introduced to numerous courses that helped me formulate a solid academic background, whereas the depth of the taught modules offered a holistic perspective of Marketing Management.
In addition, the intense team work and group assignments that my fellow students and I had to prepare, enhanced discipline and cooperation, while the presentations that were made by executives and professionals from a wide range of companies enabled us to gain insight of the issues that organizations have to confront in the business arena. It is also of utmost importance that PRIMA is one of the few programs in Greece which are taught in English, a fact that undoubtedly constitutes its paramount competitive advantage. As part of the curriculum, we attended an elective module at Koç University, Istanbul, an experience that enhanced our mindset with dinstinct international features. The most significant feature of PRIMA however, lies upon the high standards and invaluable contribution of its faculty and staff that constantly provoked thinking and learning whilst being truly supportive and approachable.
On a more personal tone, I reckon PRIMA was a life-changing experience. I was given the opportunity to become a member of a high caliber team that worked on a Field Study Project (dissertation) in close collaboration with 3M Hellas. The demanding nature of the project and the fact that we were constantly communicating with executives, enabled me to understand the objectives and rationale of the company and to finally join its workforce. In other words, the program helped me succeed in my field of expertise by shaping a truly marketing professional.