Sofia Katsouli, Graduate Part Time 2017-19 , Business Analyst – PwC Business Solutions ΑΕ

The MSc in Management Science and Technology of AUEB exceeded my expectations and hopes. The combination of exams and assignments was ideal, because it not only allowed me to put into practice what we learned during the lectures, but also to get to know better the organization in which I worked.It enabled me to change departments in my company and pursue the Data Analytics industry, a fact I couldn't even imagine when I started my master's degree. At least half of the courses of the program helped me learn and understand how important it is to know how to manage technology and data, to be able to use them, so that through their analysis and processing you can add value to the world of business.

In my two years of study in the program, both the professors and the scientific staff of the department, were willing to help me whenever I needed guidance and any help. Moreover, even after graduation, whenever I needed help the people in the program were there for me. They were there to consult their scientific approach to human resource management, to suggest alternative ways to approach the challenges in my work, as well as to ask for their personal opinion on my future professional steps.

I was fortunate to be one of the first to complete this master's degree and I think overall it was a very positive experience. The philosophy of curriculum design is to help the student understand the potential of technology, to utilize business data and through their analysis and processing to be able to propose and make strategic and operational decisions.The courses offered cover data analysis tools, programming languages, business administration, strategic decision models while highlighting the importance of business and technical skills in a business.