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Thursday, October 20, 2022

DATE: 20-10-2022

On Thursday, October 20, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri gave the keynote speech at the 10th edition of STRATEGICA International Conference: Sustainable Development and Strategic Growth. Her speech focused on “Accelerating SDG-based Sustainability Transition”.

DATE: 20-10-2022

The First Dolomite Conference on the Global Governance of Climate Change: On the road to Sharm El-Sheikh

From the 20th – 22nd October in a three-day meeting thirty visionary intellectuals, policy makers, entrepreneurs, managers, journalists, political and natural scientists met to discuss the matter of climate change and find innovative solutions. The whole conference has been articulated by problems to be solved into working groups and plenary discussions, whose conclusions were then reported by the chairs and introducers of various sessions.