Probability Ι (7,5 ECTS)

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Discrete probability spaces, elementary combinational analysis. Probabilities properties. Conditional Probabilities, Law of Total Probability. Bayes theorem. Discrete random variables, Joint distribution of random variables. Independence. Mean value, Variance, Covariance, correlation coefficient. Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, Markov and Chebyshev inequalities. Uniform, binomial, geometric and hypergeometric distributions, Poisson distribution. Uniform, binomial, geometric and hypergeometric distributions, Poisson distribution. Conditional mean value. The Weak Law of Large Numbers. Probability generating function. Multinomial and Multivariate hypergeometric distribution.

Continuous distributions. Distribution function and probability density function. Mean, variance. Uniform, exponential and normal distribution. Gamma and Beta distributions. Moment generating functions. Joint continuous variable distribution. independency. Random variables simulation using the method of inverse transformation.

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(old course title: Introduction to Probabilities)