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The AUEB Department of Economics organizes the 10th (Anniversary) Annual Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE) from the 27th of June to the 10th of July, 2015 (Conference: 3-5 July) and the 2nd CRESSE Lawyers' Week (5-10 July) in AQUILA RITHYMNA BEACH HOTEL, in Rethymnon-Crete, Greece. The CRESSE Conference Keynote Speakers will be 2014 Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Jean Tirole (Toulouse School of Economics) and Prof. Ariel Pakes (Harvard University).
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Editors: Yannis Katsoulacos
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Banks and sovereign risk interdependence in the Euro are, by Tryphon Kollintzas and Konstantinos Tsoulakas

From Edgeworth to econophysics: a methodological perspective, by Ioannis Katselidis (with Stavros Drakopoulos)

Can firms grow without credit? Evidence from the euro area, 2005-2011: A quantile panel analysis, by Helen Louri (with Sophia Dimelis and Ioannis Giotopoulos)

Are banks using leverage to target return on equity? international evidence, 2001-2013, by Helen Louri and Spyros Pagratis (with Eleni Karakatsani)
The AUEB Department of Economics supports the 14th Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics (CRETE) which takes place at Chania, Crete, July 12-16.
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Jean Monnet seminar:
Offered for 19 consecutive academic semesters has turned out to be an Institutional platform for a productive dialogue between leading academic professors, experts from the backup sector and students.
The External Evaluation of the Department of Economic Science was undertaken by ADIP (the HELLENIC QUALITY ASSURANCE AND ACCREDITATION AGENCY) from 27th to 31st of May 2013. The evaluation was conducted by Professors Christos Ioannidis (University of Bath, UK), Professor Yannis Iooannidis (Tufts University, USA) and Professor Aris Spanos (Virginia Tech, USA). The evaluators confirmed the very high standing of the Department in research as well as in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
External Evaluation of the Department of Economics