Vision - Values

The School of Economic Sciences of Athens University of Economics and Business was established in 2012 and consists of two Departments: The Department of Economics which is the oldest Department of Economic Sciences in Greece, and the first Department in Greece to offer graduate studies in Economics (1978), and the Department of International and European Economic Studies (DIEES) which was established in 1990.

The vision of the School is to maintain and strengthen its leadership as a center of excellence in teaching and research in Economics, to further enhance its international recognition, and to establish close and productive links with society.

The strategic goals of the School include the achievement of excellence in basic and applied research at the international level; the achievement of excellence in teaching in all three cycles of studies - undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral; and the promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation with society.

According to international rankings and external evaluations, Athens University of Economics and Business is the top institution among Greek Universities and Research Centers and in the top 2% of European Union Institutions in the field of Economics, while the two Departments of the School are among the top Greek Departments in the field of Economics. As a result, the graduates of the School pursue successful careers and show remarkable achievements both as professionals and as academics.