About Marketing and Communication Studies

Marketing is a very interesting field of business administration that focuses on the management of markets targeted by a business or an organization. It deals with the extrovert management operations of a business, which include a variety of topics. Among these topics are the effective satisfaction of market needs, the creation of innovative and competitive products or services, communication with the market, efficient product distribution through the appropriate trade networks, pricing policies, market research and analysis using empirical data, the understanding of buying behavior and consuming behavior, and the management of relevant human resources. 

Moreover, the rapid development of new technologies creates a very dynamic and constantly evolving field, with representative applications in communication, the Internet, e-commerce and automatic collection of behavioral data. As often happens in the field of business administration, the scientific fields addressed by the Department are subject to interdisciplinary influences from related scientific fields such as economics, management and psychology.

Academic and occupational profile of graduates

The Department graduates have acquired advanced knowledge in the disciplines of marketing and communication and a strong background in the broader fields of business administration and economics. They possess strong qualifications for a successful career with excellent job prospects. The Department graduates work in Greece and abroad with a competitive advantage in the sectors of marketing, export, advertising, brand management, sales, market research, public relations, human resource management and electronic communication. They also possess the technical, managerial and social skills that will allow  them to get involved in entrepreneurial activity, creating their own business.

Access to further studies

The Department graduates are eligible to continue their studies both in Greece and abroad in MBA, MSc, MA programs in the general field of Business Administration.