E9. Legal issues in information and digital media management

Instructor: Lilian Mitrou

Elective, Teaching Period C, ECTS:3


  • Privacy and Personal data/Information
  • Personal data governance and data protection
  • Protection of Informational privacy : regulatory aspects
  • Scientific research and protection of personal data with focus on historical/ social research
  • Right to be forgotten v. right to (access) to information
  • Legal and regulatory issues with regard to open data.
  • Intellectual property – Protection of intellectual property rights in Internet/ with regard to artificial intelligence

Target Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the students are expected to:

  1. To gain an overview of the legal and institutional issues which pertain to information and digital media management.
  2. To gain knowledge and understanding of the regulatory context, main rules and principles with focus on (personal) data protection and intellectual property rights with  regard to the use of use new technologies.




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Teaching Language: Greek