Master’s diploma thesis

  1. Each student submits an application proposing the supervisor, who must be an instructor of the program, the title and a summary of the proposed diploma thesis. The Coordinating Committee of the program appoints the thesis supervisor. If the student does not submit an application in time, or the proposed Supervisor does not accept the proposal, or the Supervisor is missing, the committee appoints a Supervisor, who assigns the thesis subject or undertakes the supervision.
  2. A thesis application is submitted at the beginning of June and the thesis is assigned by the end of June. The thesis must be submitted by the end of October of the academic year following the completion of the courses. In exceptional cases, if a student justifiably does not complete the thesis within the above time frame, he/she may request an extension of two months maximum. The Committee of the program decides on the extension and its duration taking into account the reasons offered by the student and the recommendation of the thesis supervisor.
  3. The thesis can be written in Greek or English and must include a summary in both languages.
  4. The thesis is examined by a three member committee comprising the supervisor and two other instructors of the program. At least one member of the committee must be a faculty member of the Department of Informatics. The examination is held in November. In case of failure in the thesis exam, the student can resubmit the thesis one more time, no sooner than one (1) month and no later than three (3) after the first examination. In case of second failure the student withdraws from the Program.
  5. The thesis is submitted in digital form το the Library of AUEB and is published in the institutional repository.