The MSc in Economic Theory enabled me to build strong foundation in theoretical economics and sharpen my analytical skills. More specifically, courses like Microeconomics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance not only gave me insights on corporate strategy and business tools, they also set me for success in my MBA pursuit in one of the ... περισσότερα

The MBA International had a major impact on my career development, as well as many of my colleagues that found positions in leading companies, despite the high unemployment rates in Greece and the impact from recession. Obviously, I recommend the program to people who are willing to commit and study hard in courses delivered either by top ... περισσότερα

For me the impact of the i-MBA has never been limited to getting a better job, but it helped me a lot by improving my managerial & interpersonal skills; differences are marked even in the most important skills such as stress management, scientific analysis & research, time management and ethical & strategic decision making process. ... περισσότερα

Looking for a career change, i-MBA equipped me with all I need to know to land a great job and grow professionally. Seven years later, I have worked in 5 countries and have gained valuable experience. From an English language teacher to a Strategy Manager.

... περισσότερα

When I reflect on my master program of International Shipping, Finance and Management at AUEB, I conclude that I enjoyed a high-quality and ambitious course. The faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful. We gained a boarder view of the Shipping Industry and worldwide practices as we were taught by internationally recognized ... περισσότερα