Admission Criteria and Selection Process

The program accepts university graduates, from Greek or non-Greek higher education institutions that have been recognized from the Hellenic NARIC organization (DOATAP), according to the law 4957/2022 (article 304). Foreign students must have proficient knowledge of the Greek language.

The program accepts up to sixty (60) students to the full time group and sixty (60) to the part time group per year.

The Following documents must be submitted with the application, as indicated in the official call for applications:

  1. Online application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copies of all University Degrees / Diplomas and Official Transcripts of marks received. Applicants that have not yet graduated from their universities’ must submit a solemn statement of Law No. 1599/86 that if selected for the MSc program, they will have completed their undergraduate studies until the forthcoming September.
  4. Certified copy of the English language certification verifying very good command of the language (at least level C1, as determined by a TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL score) or Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency
  5. Two confidential recommendation letters (for FT applicants only academic references are accepted, while for PT applicants employer’s references are also accepted)
  6. Proof of employment record (for part time applicants)
  7. Applicants holding a non-Greek university degree must meet the requirements set by law 4957/2022 (art. 304) regarding their degree’s recognition by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (DOATAP).

The Admissions Committee

  1. Compiles a table of all applicants
  2. Rejects all applicants that do not meet the minimum prerequisites that have been set by the Departmental Assembly.
  3. Calls all eligible applicants for a personal interview with at least two members of the Admissions Committee (if needed).
  4. Ranks all applicants according to the above mentioned quantitative and qualitative criteria and selects the ones that will be accepted. The final list of accepted applicants is validated by the Departmental Assembly.

In addition, all accepted applicants are required to attend and get examined in three (3) preparatory courses prior to their final registration to the Program, unless exempted by the Departmental Assembly. The preparatory courses are offered in September. Accepted applicants must achieve passing grades to all preparatory courses in order to make their final registration to the program, otherwise they receive a refund of tuition fees already paid, if any.