B.C.Lab’s mission is to be established as a world-class research, executive training, and consulting excellence center for the purpose of improving and enhancing business communication for faculty, students, business leaders, managers, private companies, public institutions and organizations, and sponsors.

More specifically, in today’s global, information driven, dynamic, technologically advanced, and constantly evolving environment, the main objectives of the Lab are to:

  • Advance the state-of-the art research in business communication issues.
  • Promote the collaboration with research centers and academic institutions in Greece and abroad.
  • Publicize and disseminate the research outputs produced by the members of the Lab.
  • Support the undergraduate as well as the graduate teaching activities of the Department’s faculty.
  • Support the Ph.D. students of the Department in successfully completing their doctoral studies.
  • Organize executive training and seminars, conferences, symposiums, and lectures.
  • Provide consulting services (e.g., market research studies) for solving business communication problems for private and public enterprises.