Nasos Karageorgiadis

My decision as an executive of a middle-position in the beginning of the 21st century to invest in a postgraduate diploma was challenging, but not an easy one. The work intensity combined with the anxiety of fulfilling successfully my educational responsibilities, long time after I completed my 1st degree, summed up to a rather stressful mix. ... more

Aristotelis Trifonopoulos

The MSc in Marketing & Communication of Athens University of Economics & Business, was for me the obvious choice when it came to select a prestigious university in order to specialize in the Science of Marketing. What mostly impressed me, was the positive impact of everything I learned as well as the ... more

Thanos Blintzios

Though it has not been my first postgraduate diploma, I had the opportunity to be part of the first student intake of the MSc course in Marketing and Communication with New Technologies, in 1999. There are two memories that spring to mind with great clarity. At first, the truly remarkable team of course instructors, who were well educated, ... more

Georgia Svolou

My studies in the MSc course in Marketing & Communication will always be an important stepping stone in my life. In contrast with the working arena where you sometimes win and other times you loose, this MSc course is only a winning game. Firstly, because you expand your theoretical knowledge, through a very well structured academic ... more

Barbara Michail

Being involved in the field of international marketing was and still is a dream of mine. PRIMA was the best start to realize my dream. Its modules and instructors, enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of marketing in general and international marketing in particular. It is important to mention that PRIMA students benefit from guest ... more

Eva Lexutt

The decision to pursue the PRIMA Master’s Degree was the right one. The level and quality of studies is high, the modules interesting and practical since they focus on many case studies. The main difference, however, was the friendly and family-like atmosphere; the course was not attended by many students, and the professors are not only very ... more

Filippos Sfyris

The MSc course was not just invaluable for my professional development in the field of Marketing. It was primarily a memorable life experience. On the one hand, experienced Faculty of a very high standard, as well as the interdisciplinary background of my fellow students with the well balanced course structure, and on the other hand two years ... more