Student & Alumni Support Office

The MSc in Marketing & Communication with International Orientation, in response to the needs of our students and graduates and in the context of developing and strengthening communication and cooperation with employers and the job market, inaugurates the Student and Alumni Support Office.

Briefly, the Office is responsible for:

  • organizing professional orientation events (business days) and training seminars that are constantly enriched to give participants the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills
  • counselling on a variety of issues (detailed below) with a view to facilitating participants’ access to or reintegration into the job market
  • mentoring with an emphasis on personal growth and development
  • providing access to job advertisements* compatible with the scientific disciplines supported by the Postgraduate Program
  • arranging educational visits to organizations and companies to enhance understanding of work culture and key human resources management (HRM) strategies (e.g., compensation and benefits, maximizing employee productivity, recruitment, retention, training)

Indicative services provided:

  • Personal counselling on issues raised by the students and graduates (e.g., career counselling, career plan, CV writing, preparation for the interview process, access to and search techniques in the job market, resolving professional dilemmas and decision making, job interests and preferences)
  • Conducting a series of workshops in small groups on career strategy as well as personal skills development and topics of special interest (e.g., self-knowledge, self-awareness, teamwork skills, stress & time management, job search strategies in Greece and abroad)


M.Sc. in Marketing & Communication with international Orientation

Student Support Office Contact Details:

13 Elpidos Str, (pedestrian street), Victoria Square, 104 34, Athens

Mr Viktor Koukis, Tel.: 210 8203 819 | e-mail:

*Job ads that relate to recruitment and hiring, rather than internships through the University's programme or unpaid/voluntary employment, and comply with all legal requirements (e.g., employment contract, insurance).