Consulting and other activities

The members of the HRM laboratory have provided services to numerous private and public organizations from various sectors. Indicatively:

  • Telecommunications: Vodafone, OTE, Infote
  • Banks: Eurobank
  • Insurance: Groupama, Association of Greek Insurance Companies
  • Retail: ΑΒ Vassilopoulos, Kotsovolos, Dodoni, METRO, Zorbas (Cyprus)
  • Consulting: Kantor                  
  • Health and Cosmetics: the Athens Medical Centre, Apivita, Papaellinas (Cyprus)
  • Petroleum: ELPE
  • Associations/ professional bodies: Athens Medical Association, ΤΥPET, GSEE
  • Public bodies: OAED, ΟSE, local government
  • ΚΕΚ of several organizations

In addition, the members of the HRM laboratory contribute to social citizenship activities related to HRM:

M. Vakola (with I. Nikolaou) is a pioneer and founder of, an activity that has been repeatedly awarded (HR Awards,2015, Greek Management Association innovation award, 2014)

Members of the HRM laboratory have been serving as judges for best practice competitions in the broader area of HRM:

Finally, all the members of the laboratory offer scientific work as visiting editors and members of editorial boards in distinguished scientific journals (e.g. Human relations, International Journal of HRM, Employee Relations, Evidence-based HRM), as program & conference chairs & discussants in international scientific conferences (EURAM, AOM, International HRM conference), and as anonymous reviewers of articles and chapters at many publications.