(FP5) BIOECON: Biodiversity and economics for conservation

(FP5) BIOECON: Biodiversity and economics for conservation 


BIOECON aims to
(a) Advance economic theory on incentive mechanism design -developing a general economic framework and specific testable hypotheses for the consideration of incentive mechanisms for the provision of biodiversity;
(b) Apply economic analysis in biodiversity conservation case studies - the application of this framework and the test of these hypotheses in the context of a set of case studies on the conservation of biodiversity (forestry, wildlife and agriculture);
(c) Assess case studies for policy implications - the derivation of general and specific policy conclusions regarding EU policies impacting on biodiversity conservation, both within the EU and globally;
(d) Disseminate the policy results -communicate these results to relevant policy makers and end users in a manner that renders them relevant to the conservation policies with which they are concerned.


BIOECON Grant agreement ID: EVK2-CT-2000-00086

Start date1 February 2001

End date31 January 2004

Overall budget€ 1 640 229

EU contribution€ 1 530 672