Director: Phoebe Koundouri, Professor, Department of International & European Economic Studies, School of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business 

Greek-Based Affiliated Professors

International Affiliated Professors

Greek-Based Affiliated Researchers

  • Dr. Akrivi Katifori, Senior researcher at "Athena" Research and Innovation Center
  • Dr. Antonios Alevizos, Panteion University, Manager SDSN Greece
  • Dr. Artemis Stratopoulou, Athens University of Economics and Business, Adjunct Lecturer at University of West Attica
  • Dr. Conrad Felix Michel Landis, Senior Researcher, Adjunct Lecturer, AUEB
  • Dr. Ebun Akinsete, University Robert Gordon (Aberdeen), Senior Researcher, ICRE8, SDU at ATHENA RC, ReSEES AUEB
  • Dr. Efi Tritopoulou, National Technical University of Athens; President Nowaste21- President EDEM
  • Dr. Elias Grammatikogiannis, Researcher in Geography and Regional Planning; Consultant Engineer
  • Dr. Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Research Director National Observatory of Athens
  • Dr. Georgios Papayiannis, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Dr. Ioannis Tsipouridis, Director at RECCReC - Renewable Energy & Climate Change Research Center at Technical University of Mombasa
  • Dr. Ioannis Vardopoulos, Urban Sustainability Scholar | Civil Environmental Engineer
  • Dr. Konstantinos Dellis, Post-Doctoral Researcher at ATHENA RC and
  • Dr. Theofanis Zacharatos, Researcher, Department of Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises, University of Patras
  • Dr. Vasiliki Manousi, Senior Researcher, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Alice Guittard, Geographer specialized in Sea & Coastal
  • Angelos Plataniotis, Insurance Supervisor, PhD candidate
  • Charis Stavridis, PhD candidate, Researcher, co-Manager of SDSN Black Sea
  • Eleni Petra, Project Manager, Scientific Consultant, ATHENA RC
  • Eleni Toli, Project Manager at "Athena" Research and Innovation Center
  • Elias Demian, Researcher at IOBE, Regional Coordinator of the External Monitoring Team of the LIFE programme (South East Europe), Sustainability advisor for Moore Greece
  • Evita Mailli, Project Manager / Data Engineer, ATHENA RC
  • Lydia Papadaki, co-Manager, EIT Climate-KIC Greece; PhD Candidate
  • Lydia Stergiopoulou, Researcher
  • Panagiota Koltsida, Research Associate at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens & Athena' Research Center
  • Petros Xepapadeas, External researcher, Bank of Greece; PhD Candidate
  • Sofia Mantafouni, Senior Manager at EY Energy & Resources Consulting Services; PhD candidate
  • Stathis Devves, Researcher, PhD candidate
  • Tatiana Pliakou, Lawyer; Researcher, PhD candidate
  • Vasilis Stenos, Founder & CEO of Solmeyea | Startup | Environmentalist | Agricultural Engineer | European Climate Pact Ambassador
  • Vassiliki Chalastani, Researcher National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
  • Vera Alexandropoulou, Lawyer, MBA, Harvard University, LLM, Law, Heidelberg University, Vice President, Thalassa Foundation
  • Yanni Paniaras, Executive Director, Europe and Sustainability, Titan Cement International

Communications and Research Administration

PhD candidates under the supervision of Professor Phoebe Koundouri

  • Angelos Plataniotis, PhD Candidate, Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Economics.
  • Efstathios Devves, PhD Candidate
  • Ioannis Eleftheriou
  • Dimitra Skoura, PhD Candidate, Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Economics.
  • Stefania Geka
  • Efrosini Helmi, MBA (Financial Management & Informatics), General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development and Investment in the Directorate of International Scientific and Technological Cooperation, Department of Bilateral and Multilateral Transnational Cooperation.
  • Lydia Papadaki, Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Economics

ReSEES Collaborating Students 

  • Eva Papanikolaki, 2nd year, ΟΙΚ
  • Athena Skopeliti, 3rd year, DEOS
  • Irene Anaxagoras, 5th year, DEOS
  • Alex Ramiotis, 2nd year, OIK
  • Eleni Mavrogonatou, MSc energy policy
  • Dora Dimopoulou, 3rd year, DEOS
  • Koralenia Voulgari, 3rd year, DEOS
  • Theodora Kolliopoulou, 3rd year, DEOS
  • Alexandra Moutsatsou, 3rd year, DEOS
  • Angeliki Lelekou
  • Ioanna Bregianni: 5th year, DEOS