Impacts Quantification of global changes (SSH-2010-2.1-3, Analysis of the impacts of global changes). European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, 7th Framework Programme.

World societies are experiencing large social, economic and environmental transformations. These transformations are usually described under the heading of ‘global change’, to emphasize the increasing interactions between them.

The objective of the GLOBAL IQ project is three-fold:

• to provide significant advances in the estimation of socio-economic impacts of global challenges – at Global, European and regional scale;

• to identify optimal adaptation strategies;

• to evaluate total costs and the optimal mix of adaptation and mitigation against global changes.

Grant agreement no: 266992

Coordinator: Toulouse School of Economics

Duration: 3 years, 2012-2015

Number of partners: 11

European Commission contribution to budget: € 2,700,000.00