Hellenic Republic Asset Development fund - ESG Webinar

Prof. Phoebe Koundouri discussing on Sustainable Finance with the companies in the portfolio of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development fund at the Webinar: “Environment, Society and Corporate Governance (ESG)”, organized by HRADF / ΤΑIΠΕΔ in collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece, UN SDSN Greece, ReSEES AUEB and HSBC Greece.

My work as co-chair on United Nations SDSN Europe and lead scientist of the Senior Working Group of UN SDSN on the Sustainability Transition, in collaboration with ENEL Foundation, indicates the following:

Corporate leaders, investors, and analysts today must deal with two separate and disconnected reporting systems: one for financial results, the other for ESG performance the result of which is two separate narratives, one telling how profitable a company is, the other highlighting whether is good for people and the planet. This suggests the possibility of a single hybrid measurement system that combines social and environmental impact with standard measures of financial performance.”