ReSEES at Convergences Greece Forum 2019

Prof. Dr Phoebe Koundouri  spoke about sustainable cities at Convergences Greece Forum 2019

Convergences speech and moderation of GREEN CITIES panel. A warm sincere thanks to my amazing 11 experts panel! Politicians you better listen: sustainable solutions are available and cheaper than the ones you choose to continue using, which are destroying OUR FUTURE!

01-02/04: Convergences Greece Forum

Convergences Greece Forum is the first platform for thought in Europe that aims at building new convergences between public, private, and solidarity-based actors to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and the development of a world “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty.” The Convergences Greece Forum is under the auspices of the President of the Republic and is co-organized by the International Convergences Forum and the World Human Forum in cooperation with UN Sustainable Network Solution Network Greece. During the forums taken place on Tuesday, April 2, at the "The Hub Events" organizations, companies, private and public bodies, representatives of SMEs, academics, students and citizens will meet not to recycle problems but to jointly seek sustainable solutions to the most important issues they face our country. Among these forums, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, Prof. Lenio Myrivili, Marianthi Liapi, Eric Scotto, Dr. Andriasopoulos and other speakers discussed potential solutions aiming to make cities Green! At the event held at Impact Hub Athens there were many tangible examples of the convergences that can be achieved both in the field of innovation, with Startups linking with merchant shipping, for example, the environmental impact of the Greek fleet, with solutions to urgent issues, such as to a disease that destroys plane trees in Europe and Greece.