SCBA 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

Join Prof. Koundouri today at 17:30 (EET) for her keynote speech on “Sustainable Recovery from Covid-19” at SCBA 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.

The SBCA conference will be held online March 17-19 and March 22-24, 2021. Sessions will be spread throughout the day to facilitate participation across time zones. The program features an exciting mix of research presentations, roundtable discussions, and innovative sessions as well as opportunities for networking.

Until now, more than 600 people have registered from 40 countries around the world!

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA) works to improve the theory and practice of benefit-cost analysis and support evidence-based policy decisions. SBCA members include scholars and practitioners from around the world, from government, academia, nonprofits and private industry. They represent numerous disciplines such as economics, law, engineering, public policy, decision science and natural science. The Society addresses a wide range of policy areas, including criminal justice, education, energy, environmental quality, homeland security, poverty, public health, transportation and many other topics. Society members work with a broad set of methods, including benefit-cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, risk-benefit analysis, applied welfare economic analysis and damage assessments.

The Society is dedicated to the advancement, exchange of ideas, and research related to benefit-cost analysis (BCA), cost-effectiveness analysis, risk-benefit analysis, applied welfare economic analysis, and damage assessment.

Plenary session:

Sustainable Recovery from Covid-19

Phoebe Koundouri, Athens University of Economics and Business

Moderator: Dale Whittington, University of North Carolina

Discussant: Laura Taylor, Georgia Institute of Technology

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