Circular Forum 2022 | Opportunities for sustainable growth in a Circular Economy

On Monday 28 November the 2022 Circular Forum: “Opportunities for sustainable growth in a Circular Economy” took place virtually. The main topic was to discuss whether the circular economy is an innovative and sustainable way to transform business models.

Following COP27, Latin America and Europe came together in this virtual forum to address the topic of Circular Economy, an innovative, practical, and sustainable way of transforming business models, value chains and consumer patterns, benefiting our environment, economies and societies as a whole.

Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, in her intervention, spoke about her recent participation in COP27, the key decisions and developments for our planet and the progress made. She also highlighted how innovation hubs such as AE4RIA and the EIT Climate KIC can enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors with real-world applications.

The vibrant LSE community built a bridge across the Atlantic to promote circularity and climate resilience, using Colombia, Costa Rica and Greece as case studies. LSE Alumni Association ColombiaLSE Alumni LATAMHellenic Alumni Association of LSE and Fundación COLFUTURO joined forces with impact investors and Circular Economy leaders such as Sporos PlatformSDSN Greece & SDSN EuropeAE4RIA and Symbiosis, to share knowledge, explore best practices, and trigger vital synergies across regions and industry verticals.