European-African Sustainability Partnership | Horasis Global Meeting 2022

On May 19th Prof. Phoebe Koundouri participated at the Horasis Global Meeting  – one of the foremost annual meetings of the world’s leaders from business, government and society.

Prof. Koundouri gave a speech in the plenary panel “European-African Sustainability Partnership”, which took place online.

Panel Plenary:  European-African Sustainability Partnership

Topics that were discussed:

  • How can both continents utilize best synergies and complement each other in the fight against climate change?
  • How to unite efforts to protect the world’s 2nd largest rainforest?
  • How to utilize Africa’s enormous renewable energy resources to drive sustainable industrialization on the African continent and to supply Europe with Green energy?
  • How can break through technologies enhance sustainable development and replace fossil fuel on the African and European continent?


  • Mafalda Duarte, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Investment Funds, World Bank, USA
  • Phoebe Koundouri, Co-Chair, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Greece
  • Otto Waterlander, Chief Sustainability Officer, TES-H2, Belgium

Chaired by

  • Thomas Wu, Director International Affairs, Senate of Economy International, Germany

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