3rd United Nations World Oceans Assessment WOA III

Prof. Phoebe Koundouri is honored to contribute as one of the lead co-authors for the 3rd United Nations World Oceans Assessment WOA III – Chapter 3: Human Wellbeing. This edition will, for the first time, not only report on the current state of the hashtag#ocean, but detail the information, tools, and approaches that can be utilized by decision makers to ensure the hashtag#future sustainability, conservation, and restoration of our oceans.

The Coordinating Authors Meeting took place from 19th to 20th March in Lisbon, Portugal, both in person and online, facilitating the effective planning and coordination of the third World Ocean Assessment (WOA III) development. The meeting aimed to discuss, among other things, the guidance for writing teams, review processes, and timelines for WOA III. Additionally, the meeting addressed specific focus areas including the WOA digital platform, familiarization with the Assessment’s components, and discussions on synergies and alignment between sections, chapters, and sub-chapters of WOA III.