(Horizon 2020) IMPETUS: Dynamic Information Management Approach For The Implementation Of Climate Resilient Adaptation Packages In European Region.

As climate change progresses irrevocably, urgent measures are needed for building resilience and adaptive capacity. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, effective climate resilient regions cannot be built at expense of productive sectors, or without fair societal consensus. IMPETUS will develop and validate a coherent multi-scale, multi-level, cross-sectoral climate change adaptation framework to accelerate the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable economy. IMPETUS Resilience Knowledge Boosters (RKBs) will build a robust Quintuple Helix stakeholders community (human dimension) complemented with reliable data and assessment methods to support decision and policy making (digital dimension). This will result in a community empowerment to co-design, assess, deploy, and monitor climate adaptation Innovation Packages, including R&I methodological, technological, governance, awareness, behavioural, economic, financial and pathway components. IMPETUS RKBs will be deployed and validated in all 7 EU biogeographical regions (Continental, Coastal, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Arctic, Boreal, Mountainous) covering all Key Community Systems, climate threats, and multi-level governance. IMPETUS consortium is made of selected local, regional and national public authorities; R&D organisations; SMEs and large enterprises; and, international organisations, to build upon, upscale and demonstrate a wide range of R&D solutions. IMPETUS has a clear earmark to ensure continuity after the project lifetime through consolidated and interconnected RKBs and communities at different scales.

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  • Grant agreement ID: 101037084
  • Start date 1 October 2021 - End date 30 September 2025
  • Coordinated by FUNDACIO EURECAT Spain
  • Partners 31
  • Overall budget € 16 224 768,85

Scientific Responsible on behalf of Athens University of Economics & Business is Prof. Phoebe Koundouri. Members of the team are Prof. Koundouri, Prof. George Halkos, Dr. Ebun Akinsete, Dr. Conrad Landis and Maria Lentoudi.