Application process

The applications for candidacy for the Program are submitted in the months of February-June to the Program Secretariat, which also issues the relevant announcements.

The applications and the necessary supporting documents are submitted online and/or deposited at the Secretariat of the MSc, within a deadline specified in the announcement and which may be extended by decision of the Department's Assembly.

The required supporting documents submitted by each candidate are as follows:

  • a) Application with a recent photograph.
  • b) Copy of diploma with detailed score or certificate of completion of studies with detailed score.
  • Final students must submit a declaration of Law 1599/1986 that their acceptance is conditional on obtaining a degree (or obtaining a certificate of completion of studies) until the examination period of the following September.
  • c) Proof of very good or excellent knowledge of the English language (level C1/C1 or C2/C2). Those who do not hold the required title during the application period must submit a declaration of Law 1599/1986 that their acceptance is conditional on obtaining the required proof of knowledge of English and the presentation of this is a necessary condition for their graduation of the evidence.
  • d) Two letters of recommendation from faculty members.

At the moment, the MSc has only a full time study program. In the event that a part-time study program operates in the future and the candidate wishes to submit an application to it, in addition to the above first 3 supporting documents, he should also submit: two letters of recommendation from employers, evidence of professional experience and a Curriculum Vitae.

In the case of an application submitted by a candidate holding a degree from a foreign institution, the MSc's secretariat, in order to accept the application as eligible for examination, checks through DOATAP whether the institution is recognized, following the prescribed procedure in accordance with the texts provisions.