The Master's Degree "Business Economics with Analytics", offered by the Department of Economics and is an innovative Master's Degree Program that aims to train students in business finance and strategy of companies and markets, based on the most modern quantitative and analytical methods in such a way that they meet both the modern requirements of businesses and the needs of the Greek Economy. Especially, in the case of the Greek economy and labor market, in recent years there has been a particularly increased demand for economists with special knowledge of econometrics and specialized skills in the use of advanced analytical tools, such as machine learning and large databases. The MSc contributes to meeting this demand, offering the Greek Economy high-level executive potential.

The subject areas covered by the Program are: Economic Analysis for Business Decisions, Business Economics, Industrial Organization, Competition & Regulatory Policy, Games and Strategic Decisions, Behavioral Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics and Data Analysis, International Economics and Finance, Finance Portfolio Analysis & Investments, Securities Risk Valuation, Capital Markets Efficiency and Regulation, Financial Forecasting and Simulations, Quantitative Macroeconomics, Financial Management, Credit Risk and Banking, Innovation Economics, Digital Economy and Corporate Governance.

The duration for the awarding of the Master's Degree is set at three (3) semesters for the full-time study program.