All Things Energy Forum

On 3/6/21 Prof. Koundouri gave a speech on “Green Deal” at the Plenary Session “The New Framework for Energy Players: Succeeding in a Context of Disruption” at “All Things Energy Forum”, which is was held 02-04, 2021.

Plenary SessionThe New Framework for Energy Players: Succeeding in a Context of Disruption”

9.30-11.15 (UTC+3)

Moderator: Dimitris Konstantellos, Policy & Public Affairs Advisor

The Effects of Preventive Policies on Public Health, Society and the Economy’’

Yannis Tountas, Professor of Social and Preventive Medicine, Univ of Athens, GR

Energy and GHG Emissions Aspects of the COVID Impact in Greece’’

Dimitris Lalas, Senior Advisor, Facets SA

’Green Deal’

Prof Phoebe Koundouri, Athens Univ. of Economics & Business, President Elect EAERE, co-Chair UN SDSN Europe & Greece

“Building Greece’s Energy Hub

Athanassios Savvakis, Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Exchange, President of the Federation of Industries of Greece

Global Renewable Energy Development and Status

Prof. Arthouros Zervos, President of REN21, past President of PPC, France

’How Leaders Cause Innovation to Thrive When the Status Quo Breaks’’

Cheryl Edison, Chief Executive Officer, Edison International, USA

All Things Energy Forum is an international digital conference, that will engage all the stakeholders in the contemporary energy field in an interactive dialogue. This high -level event will deal with all six mega phenomena in a novel manner, combining different approaches and contemplating interrelated impacts.

The event will span over two and a half days.  The first day (02/06/2021) hosted government ministers and high-level industry and public executives, in two introductory panel discussions:

  • All Things Energy the EU Green Deal and the Impact of COVID-19
  • Energy Projects in SE Europe and the East Med

In the next two days  (3-4/06/2021) the conference will host more than 140 speakers in plenary as well asspecialized parallel sessions that will cover all the aspects and challenges of the energy ecosystem. The agenda will not follow the classic lines of supply, demand, policy, technology, finance etc. Instead, a novel combinatorial approach will be used focusing on the links between 1.Epidemics, 2.Economics, 3.Energy trade, 4 International politics 5.Energy/Environment policies and 6. Disruptive Technologies.

Key issues that will be discussed include:

  • New Visions of Energy: Succeeding in a disruptive context
  • New regional perspectives: The role of gas in the transition to a lower carbon economy
  • What major technology breakthroughs are revolutionizing the energy sector
  • Dynamic resilience: Preparing for extreme weather, water stress and cyber risk
  • The business outlook for oil.
  • The outlook for hydrocarbon economies
  • Megaprojects: Global impact and implications
  • Rethinking hydro: Powering tomorrow’s world
  • Driving innovation: The role of governments in the future of energy

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