The Dissertation is compulsory for all students to complete the Program.

For the Full-time Program, students are working on it over the summer months of their one-year study and it is delivered and examined in September.
For the Part-time Program, the same holds but in the respective summer period of the second year of study.

Due to the relatively short period of time available, students are strongly encouraged to start in advance preparing themselves for the Dissertation in close collaboration with their supervising professor.

The process of topic selection is the following:

► At the end of the second trimester (fifth for the Part-time Program) students receive a list of topics and thematic areas in which lecturers and professors are willing to supervise dissertations.

► Students are encouraged to contact the instructors directly and discuss these topics clarifying any points of concern. Following these contacts, they are asked to submit a list ranking their five preferred topics with different supervisors.

► The coordinator gathers all relevant information and proceeds in the allocation of the Dissertations on the basis of two criteria:

     ♦ Ranking order of topics

     ♦ Average score of students in the examinations of courses taken up to that time.

► Following the announcement of the results, students contact their supervisor to finalize the topic and receive further instructions on how to proceed.

► The Dissertation should be submitted and examined by September. In extraordinary cases, the student can ask for an additional trimester to complete the dissertation.

► The Dissertation is assessed by a three-member Panel, consisting of the supervisor and two other instructors. Assessment is based on the following indicative criteria: understanding of key theoretical concepts, clarity of research question(s) and relevance with the broader field of negotiation analysis, methodological underpinnings, articulated argumentation, appropriate referencing, linguistic style.

► In case of failure, the Dissertation can be re-submitted within a trimester after having taken on board the comments of the Panel.

► The Dissertation can be written in Greek or in English, including a short abstract in both languages.