Learning Outcomes

The Master’s Programme aims to:

✓ Educate and train business executives to be capable of solving complex issues in the energy sector.

✓ Offer the Programme’s students, who have primarily a legal or an economics background, a specialization that will enable them to work in Greek, European and international companies in the energy sector.

✓ Enhance the ability of the Programme’s graduates to obtain employment in Greek, European and international markets, after having been well prepared to participate in European and international competitions.

✓ Provide the Programme’s graduates the opportunity to pursue careers in the Greek public and private energy sector, by equipping them with the qualifications necessary to compete for responsible and management positions.

✓ Train students in the processes for shaping the policies and strategies of the European Union, in international negotiations in energy issues and in their implementation in the national context.

✓ Introduce students to the geopolitical dimension of energy, and to transnational logic and the need for supranational solutions that are mutually beneficial.

✓ Train students in the search for and development of methodological tools which combine environmental protection, sustainable energy development and the achievement of energy security, in a continuously changing international context.

✓ Prepare students so that they are able to understand energy developments and to design strategies and policies, as executives of public and international organizations and companies.

✓ Provide students with the opportunity to do internships at companies and to attend seminars held at companies within the energy sector.

✓ Organize visits for students to companies in the energy sector, to electric power generating plants, to networks that provide electricity and natural gas, and so forth.