The Master’s Programme in Law and Economics in Energy Markets includes the following fields:

→ European and International Energy Economics
→ European and International Energy Law

The objective of the Master’s Programme is the scientific training of its students and the application of their knowledge and skills to current economic and legal issues that characterize modern energy markets in the international and European environment.

A key feature of the Programme is the combination of interdisciplinary training (interdisciplinary specialization with primary components in legal and economic sciences) and practical experience in the analysis, planning and management of business action in the energy sectors, in the way that they are shaped, developed and operated in the national, European and international context.

Today there is a continuously growing demand for graduates, especially in the economics and legal sciences, with a postgraduate specialization in energy markets, who are called upon to operate in a constantly changing institutional and regulatory environment, at both the European and the global levels.
The Programme provides its students with the requisite fundamental economic and legal knowledge, as well as the ability to apply it, both to the operation of businesses in the globalized environment as well as to economic planning within the European Union.

The Program is offered on a full- and part-time base. The Full-time Program is completed in twelve months while the Part-time Program one in 24 months. In both cases, the completion of the Program entails the attendance and successful passing of exams in six (6) compulsory and four (4) optional courses. The optional courses are chosen from a list of approximately ten courses. The Program is structured in trimesters – three for the Full-time and six for the Part-time.

The courses are offered in the two Programs as follows:

→ For the Full-time Program, students attend two compulsory courses per trimester. They can spread the remaining four optional courses in the three trimesters according to their own choice and preference, selecting the optional courses from the list offered in each trimester.

→ For the Part-time Program, students attend one compulsory course in each of the six trimesters of the program. The remaining four optional courses, selected from the list offered in each trimester, can be spread in the six trimesters.  

Students are also required to deliver a compulsory Dissertation to complete their studies. Given that, they are encouraged not to over-burden the last trimester of their studies so as to start in time the preparation of the Dissertation in close collaboration with their supervising professor.