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The full-time Master program in Applied Economics and Finance is aimed at graduates of university institutions of economics and/or relative sciences (STEM) who have recently graduated and wish to specialize their studies in order to pursue careers in the future as senior executives in large private companies, public organizations, financial organizations , ministries, public authorities, etc.

The MSc in Applied Economics and Finance aims to deepen the scientific training of economists in Applied Economics and Finance.

The subject areas covered by the program are: Economic Analysis for Business Decisions, Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Competition Policy & Regulation, Games and Strategic Decisions, Applied Econometrics and Data Analysis, Financial Analysis & Portfolio Investments, Debt Valuation, Derivatives, Efficiency and Regulation Capital Markets, Financial Econometrics, Real Estate Market Economics, Environmental and Energy Economics, Banking Strategy, Labor Economics, Financial History, International Economy and Markets, Antitrust Economics.