Fees & Scholarships

In order to participate in the Master’s Programmes at the University, students pay tuition fees.

The tuition fees for attending the Master’s Programme in “Applied Economics and Finance” are shown below.

The tuition fees for the Full-time Programme are 5,400€, which are paid in four installments as follows:

  • 1st installment: €900 (upon acceptance of the position).
  • 2nd installment: €900 (October - during the registration period).
  • 3rd installment: €1800 (at the beginning of the second semester-March).
  • 4th installment: €1800 (at the beginning of the 3rd semester-October).

The postgraduate program provides the possibility of granting scholarships or excellence awards to postgraduate students, according to a decision of the Department's Assembly based on academic criteria.