The purpose of the MSc"Applied Economics and Finance" is to provide specialized knowledge and scientific training to its students in applied economics and finance with the aim of their best possible professional orientation and career advancement in an international and domestic environment. The realization of this purpose is achieved through the learning of modern methods in economics and finance and technical applications, which meets both the modern demands of science and the needs of the Greek Economy.

Specifically, the goals of the Program are:

  • Preparing students to deal with problems in the real economy by creating a solid foundation in the theory and practice of economic analysis and finance, as well as cultivating communication and collaboration skills.
  • The application of the provided scientific knowledge with particular emphasis on the use of appropriate modern quantitative tools in teaching.
  • Cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation and organizing lectures by distinguished business and market executives.
  • The monitoring of developments in applied research on economic science at an international level, with the organization of lectures and presentations by distinguished scientists.
  • The monitoring and analysis of economic developments in Greece and the world with seminars and lectures by executives from the business world.
  • The contribution to the modernization and development of the Greek economy and improvement of the country's competitiveness, with the development of skills and knowledge of its students in the new methods and practices of economic analysis and finance