Studies Advisor

The Studies Advisor is an institution established with the purpose of informing, discussing and advising students regarding:

  • the structure of the content of the courses so that they are aware of issues such as prerequisite courses, knowledge required to attend specific courses, attend tutorials, participate in tutorials, workshops and progress, with the aim of better understanding and successful participation in exams,
  • the content of elective courses with the aim of choosing the courses that are closest to the student's personal and academic interests,
  • the results of the exams,
  • the continuation of their studies both in Greece and abroad,
  • their professional prospects and their connection with the labor market during their studies (practice), but also after they have finished.
  • Any other issue raised by the student that may be related to or affect his studies.

In the MSc in Applied Economics and Finance, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics of AUEB, Mr. Petros Varthalitis, has been appointed as an academic advisor

Contact details


Office Address: Derigny Wing, 4th floor

Phone: 210 - 8203 340

Office hours: 17:00-19:00 or you can arrange a meeting by sending an email to the professor in advance.